Digital Transformation has become a buzzword in every business event or seminars.  ItsIts beings used furiously in every keynote.

I am sharing my top “10” meaningful Digital Transformation phrases picked up from Peter Diamanids talk that I believe will touch your chord.

  1. Change is gradual and then abrupt
  2. Aim for 10x Growth and not 10%
  3. Best way to Predict Future is to Create it
  4. “I have an Idea – to – I run a Billion Dollar business” is happening fast in the Digital Economy
  5. The difference between having an impact and not having an impact is the Decision.
  6. The biggest problems are the biggest opportunities
  7. There is a direct co-relation between happiness and access to technology.
  8. As humans, e have to constantly upgrade our software.
  9. Your competitor is not a multinational but an empowered entrepreneur
  10. Early time of Digitisation is Deceptive followed by Disruptive.