interview.2Next to making an impromptu public speech;  job interview is the most stressful activity.  In the job interview, you are expecting the unexpected.  What if you prepare 80% of the unexpected ground at home and face the 20% unpredictable questions during the interview.  Let me share Bullet proof tips to succeed in your next interview.

  1. RESEARCH: Research the Company, their Competition; Company employees, vision and mission.  And to do so visit company web site, LinkedIn profiles, FB page and Twitter handle.
  2. INTRODUCTION: Prepare and practice your introduction. (Tell me about yourself)
  3. 5 QUESTIONS: Create and practice 5 obvious questions. (Why are you fit for the job)
  4. SUCCESS STORIES: Prepare your success stories that narrate your success; your weakness and how you overcame them.
  5. QUESTIONS FOR INTERVIEWER:  Prepare two powerful questions to ask your interviewer.
  6. TIME: Reach before time for the interview.
  7. POWER POSTURE: Practice POWER POSTURE for 5 minutes before your interview.  Research says people who practice power posture before interview are ranked higher in being selected.
  8. MUTE CELL PHONE: Put you cell phone on mute.
  9. HANDSHAKE: : When you enter the room pause at the entrance, give them the eye contact and  move forward to extend a firm handshake.
  10. FOCUS RESPONSE: Practice and align your responses around the company and position being interviewed.
  11. SMILE :  Smile and connect.
  12. SELF-DOUBT: Avoid touching your face when responding.
  13. FIDGETING: Avoid unnecessary gesture such as touching yourself, biting nails, touching imaginary lint or touching your hair.
  14. SLOUCHING: Avoid slouching or contracting your body.  It makes you seem small.
  15. SIT TALL: Sit straight and tall with your hand on your thighs or on the table in front.
  16. ASK: When requested to ask for any clarifications; ask questions that you have practiced.
  17. CLOSE: Close, smile, leave with a firm shake hand and say thank you.

Good luck for your Interview.