Is talent a bigger asset than a team or is having a team a bigger asset than Talent?   This question has tickled generations and creates strange assumptions when Talent clicks or fails but a Team performs.  Gordon Moore founded Intel along with Robert Noyce in 1968. Dr. Moore became Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, holding that position until April 1987, when he became Chairman of the Board. He was named Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation in 1997.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft along with Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. He resigned as CEO of Microsoft in 2000 and remains the Chairman of Microsoft.

Steve Jobs founded Apple along with Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976.  A month before Steve Jobs expired this October 2011, Apple’s cash reserve was more than the United States cash reserve and it stood at a # 1 slot in market capitalization.

Gordon Moore, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are legends who created the landscape of the computer industry.  One created the brain, the next created a software and the other created an eco system.   All inspired their teams to think forward and built on the future.

What if the three legends worked for one company called 3 in one inc ?  What would happen if we selected the world’s best center forward football players and formed the world’s best center forward football players team?   What would happen if we if we took the best breed of camel from Dubai and bred it in the North Pole or what would happen if we took the best breed of date palm trees and planted it in the mountainous Nepal?  Will they perform, thrive, grow and excel as they had done in their original habitat.

I guess not, because Camels thrive the best in deserts, a fish thrives in water whereas a bird would die in water.   An organizations success is not only dependent on the talent but placing that talent in an eco system or team where it will nurture and perform.    The success of a group is not talent alone but the Team or the right ambiance to nurture talent.  WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE ?



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