ridingI realized the value of above statement after joining Toastmasters.  To  me it simply means if you want to master the subject go teach.  Because teaching requires reading, thinking and applying the teaching before you can successfully deliver the content.  By applying I mean testing your assumption, running through the practical test.

This Friday I am delivering a capsule “3”  hours module on “Building a Powerful Identity” based on the Social Media Secret Sauce “LinkedIn” wherein I would be sharing powerful tips.  And am positive that participants would find numerous diamonds and rubies to take back home

My current challenge is how best to sandwich the knowledge and wisdom in 3 hours.  My challenge is what specific points to choose and what to leave out ?  My challenge is to think like the participants? 

To close the subject let me share a statement by CEO of LinkedIn last week “We want to digitally represent every ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY in the world … full-time and part-time”  CEO LinkedIn . Sept. 9,  2013.  Now the question is how many of us will and can use the LinkedIn horse to  ride away to  SUCCESS ?