Renowned speaker Robert Kiyosaki says “The richest people in the world look for and builds networks; everyone else looks for work.”

People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – This phrase sums up the philosophy of networking. The core of networking is giving and helping. Hence if you want to network with powerful and influential begin with helping and giving mindset. You might wonder what can I give to powerful and influential people. And I will share “10” amazingly simple principles to help you succeed in your journey to network with powerful and influential.

However, “First think first,” where can you meet Powerful and influential people?  List those places down.

  1. Business forums such as Canadian Business forums, IBPC, US Business forums and others
  2. Industry events such as GITEX, Arab Health event, Arab Media, Hospitality, Motors show and others
  3. Company events such as by HP, Dell, Microsoft, and others to launch products and recognize partners
  4. Media events such as Forbes, CPI, ITP to recognize leaders
  5. Professional forums such as ICAI, CMA, PMI, Supply Chain
  6. Alumni clubs such as Harvard, Insead, IIT, IIM
  7. Rotary Club
  8. Lions Club
  9. CEO’s club
  10. NGO or NP organization meets – Influential and powerful people love to help
  11. Rotaract clubs
  12. BNI
  13. Toastmasters International
  14. Special events by SME, Government and Industry bodies
  15. Meetup Groups

Once you identify the places powerful and influential visit; research and shortlist 2 – 4 events you will visit regularly to network. Now list down what can you give powerful and influential? Here are the “10” principles ( things you can give)

  1. CONNECT: Networking is about connecting people with people, people with ideas and people with opportunities. Offer to connect him with other powerful and influential people in your industry. Or connect him with the C-level executive in your organization or your customer organizations.
  2. PROMOTE: Offer help to promote his expertise through Facebook page, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can write a blog about the person with his permission. Help to promote his events and blogs on social media platforms.
  3. REFERRAL: Refer business leads. Offer to recommend or cross sell his products or services to your friends, customers, and connections.
  4. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT: Invite him to speak at your company gathering, your industry or your institution. Powerful and influential love to share knowledge.
  5. INTERVIEW: Conduct his interview and promote it on YouTube. Or publish the interview in your in-house magazine.
  6. RECOMMEND: Recommend his name for speaking engagements, panel discussion or judging in the industry events.
  7. TEAM: Identify an event wherein you two can participate complementing each other skill. Or choose a social media platform such as YouTube, Periscope and broadcast his interview or expert advice regularly on a given topic.
  8. TEACH: Help to teach him your professional skills such as training them on LinkedIn and creating their profile. Training them on blogging or any other relevant prized skills. 
  9. HELP: Help to build his PowerPoint Presentation or YouTube videos for his speeches.
  10. NETWORK: My final message is before you offer to help, build a rapport.

Now you have identified “10” principles you can engage with powerful and influential. Next, have a clear picture how you will help. Shortlist 2 – 3 activities that best suits your temperament and get going.

 Greatest salesman and motivational speaker  Zig Ziglar once said “i f you want to succeed in life help enough people succeed.”