Lucky-1Couple of weeks earlier a LinkedIn friend asked me to edit his post.  Subsequently he published it as LinkedIn “POST”  (New Feature).   After reading his post on LinkedIn I frantically began searching for the feature and an hour or so later realized that the feature has been selectively released and I was not the lucky one.  April 7, 2014 I got lucky because this day LinkedIn released “POST” feature on my profile too.

This is my first post for LinkedIn platform wherein I will share my this week learning.   ………  Life is made up of little learnings that can have profound impact; the question is where it is applied.  Addition and Subtraction can change your life a little whereas Multiplication or Division can change your life big time.  This morning I wrote on my Facebook timeline and it began with the first word “NEW” – and while observing the post a little later; I realized life is like the words.  A letter here and there can change the meaning.

  • When you add letter “S” to NEW it becomes NEWS.  But S at the wrong place has no meaning “SNEW”
  • But if you jumble up SNEW it can become “SEWN”

My message is life does not change unless you bring change in your life.  The question is where  do you bring that change – and second question is how do you bring in change do you ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY or DIVIDE.