Many a time a question crops up;  why LinkedIn is THE platform for Social Selling?

LinkedIn is the only platform where you find more information on a person than in  the HR systems of an organization.  And if you study profile;  you will find triggers to engage and persuade.  One of the most important persuasion trigger format is LIKE factor which states that we like to say YES to people who share something in common with us.  And what is that commonality?Like

The commonality can be found in others LinkedIn profile such as

  • A Shared Group
  • Education from the same University or School
  • A common 1st degree connection, an Influencer or a company that you follow on LinkedIn
  • Common past employer
  • A Hobby
  • An Academic interest (Cloud computing, IOT, Big Data etc.)
  • It could be as random as sharing COMMON letters in your name or similar sounding name.

QUESTION # 2:  How do you leverage such Commonality?

  • The rule of thumb says introduce the commonality right at the beginning of the conversation setting the stage for desired outcome.

QUESTION # 3:  What else LIKE Factor states?

  • The Like factor states that we like to do business with people who share something in common with us.
  • The Like factor also states we like to do business with people who compliment us and who flatter us.
  • The Like factor also states that physically attractive people have an advantage over others that’s why you will find that customer facing jobs are managed by physically attractive people.

Having said that Social Selling means being social first, helping and listening first.  And if you study LinkedIn profile you will find hooks (Commonalities) that can lubricate desired outcome for your discussions.  Finally please remember the magic of LIKE works provided you  introduce or mention the shared commonalities at the beginning of your discussions.