Words of Appreciation, Recognition and Encouragement …….are these simple words or magic pills?

These are free pills to cheer up others and  also a brilliant tool to lift the spirits of the provider.  Someone said you get what you give.  And I agree with that 100%.   You want to uplift yourself…… cheer someone else; give them the magic pill.

I observed the power of the magic pill during a training workshop last weekend.  The trainer was full with words of wisdom however his delivery was looking down on the participants.  Towards the end of the workshop, the energy level of the audience had dropped.  The audience was looking forward to a restful break and in no mood to accept the words of wisdom.  And then sprang up one participant and grabbed the opportunity to recognize members of the audience.  He called for members of the audience and handed over a certificate of participation and shared a few words of genuine Appreciation, Recognition and Encouragement.

The faces in the audience lit up and the energy level started rising up.   Before the training could end the energy level touched the ceiling and the audience was willing to stay back late for the digital shoot.

The magic pill had worked. But who did it heal? The provider or the recipients? Or both? Certainly the recipient since it reflected on their radiant faces and certainly the provider because it reflected on his face too.

Enjoy reading and commenting……