EmarladThis morning a Question erupted in my mind “WHAT’S SO REVOLUTIONARY ABOUT SOCIAL SELLING?”  Even if there is, it can be replicated since there is a LOW BARRIERS TO ENTRY.  And sooner it would be a commodity practice. 

How could I differentiate myself from my competitors leveraging Social Selling? And I reminiscent that Social Selling has few fundamentals rules such as

  • Create searchable profile so customers can find you.
  • Share relevant content.
  • Build strong relations with your customers.
  • Strong relationships INFLUENCE purchasing behavior.

Surprisingly top performers had always been practicing that but in the DIGITAL WORLD they can do it more efficiently.  Now here is the dichotomy; Social Media is a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD.  If you can research your customers; your customer too can research you and decide if they should do business with you or not.  Hence …….

FIRST EMERALD of Social Selling is don’t be knocked out in the first round but focus on building STRONG profile which is easy to search, easy to read and industry relevant.  LET YOUR PROFILE INFLUENCE YOUR CUSTOMERS 24×7.

SECOND EMERALD is COMPETITION:  In the race to acquire customers don’t forget your competition. List down your top 10 competitors and research them.  Identify their Strength and Weakness.  Strategies how their WEAKNESS could be your STRENGTH?

THIRD EMERALD is PARTNERS:  Research your target audience and investigate who are there existing suppliers but in a different product line?  How can you partner with their existing suppliers and cross sell in each other’s client base.

I am certain the best Sales performers are always leveraging the three EMERALDS but with Digital footprint it’s easier to research and faster to deliver.  And to be different continue reinventing your digital Tools, Sales Process and Process implementation. It simply requires a shift in mindset   and a click of mouse to fill your pipeline.