LI_TipGlobal Professional Workforce the SIZE of United States Population uses LinkedIn.  There are over 1000 times more COMPANY PAGES on LinkedIn than Companies listed on NASDAQ.  There is so much traffic generated on LinkedIn that 99% of the members are stuck in the JAM and wonder; is it prudent to waste TIME on LinkedIn?   Let me maneuver you out of the traffic jam and share THREE POWER STRATEGIES to maximize ROI on your time spent.

LOOKING FOR A JOB: LinkedIn provides standard section for JOB search wherein companies advertise as a paid activity.  But around 30% of the opportunities appear as unpaid discussions in the Groups under Job section.  Hence log into your Groups and click on jobs to tap job opportunities.  It’s amazingly simple and takes less time than 70 heart beats to master.


WHO DO YOU KNOW: You have buildup 500+ connections, now what?  The power of connections is knowing where they can help (Category – where they can help) and maintaining periodic contact.   RELATIONSHIP and CONTACT features of LinkedIn allow you to address the two objectives.   It helps you to 


  1. TAG your connections ( define your Tags aligning with your objective such as Entrepreneur: HR; Toastmasters and so on)
  2. ALERT you to meet, call or establish a contact with your connections on periodicity. ( weekly, fortnightly, monthly, Quarterly or …)
  3. VIEW snap shot of past activities with your connections.
  4. NOTE: Document important events of your connections such as birthday, anniversary or others for future reference.


And all this information is visible to you ONLY.  It’s your private CRM (Connections Relationship Management Tool).  It’s a cool feature and takes less than 5 minutes to master.

LI_33SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT:  The difference between LinkedIn profile and your resume is that LinkedIn profile is your ONLINE RESUME that is easier and convenient to update.  And no sooner you update, a broadcast is sent to your connections.  Secondly LinkedIn profile can have links (Click on + Sign)  ie. YouTube, Slideshare, Dropbox.  I would recommend that you create a WHITE PAGE on your expertise and attach that white page to your LinkedIn profile.  This will differentiate your profile from others.  Now what is white page?  White page is 4 – 6 pages research data that collates opinion of the experts. And it is peppered and concluded with your Opinion.  White page is  your road map to being a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.  Your white Page would be your 360* new experience that will take 1 week to research and another 10 days to document, format and publish.

Remember LinkedIn STRATEGIES will get you an interview but not the job; it will get you leads but not the business.  LinkedIn STRATEGIES will get you the head-start to beat your competition to the finish line.