What are the Time traps for Sales professional..

  1. Starting LATE in the day.
  2. POOR PLANNING of the day’s activities.
  3. Attempting NON PRODUCTIVE activities during the peak time.
  4. Calling on UNQUALIFIED prospects.
  5. Taking LONGER AND FREQUENT Tea/coffee breaks
  6. Taking LONGER LUNCH breaks.
  7. Entertaining GOSSIP OR CHAT during peak hours.
  8. TOO MUCH ENTERTAINING of the customers
  9. Putting in a SHORT DAYS WORK.
  10. UNPLANNED and haphazard travel plan.
  11. Touching paper/email MORE THAN ONCE and still its unanswered.
  12. Walking in WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT or an agenda.
  13. INEFFICIENCY in paperwork.
  14. Unproductive and lengthy internal meetings
  15. Inordinate  time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.