Albert Mehrabin a renowned Guru of non verbal communication said that 55% impact of our message is body language, 38% is tone and 7% is delivered by words.  What if you condition yourself to project a powerful and a friendly image and make it part of your DNA?  Leading actors and actresses train themselves to reflect powerful and friendly image; observe them on the red carpet with their plastic smile that no more appears to be plastic but as part of their DNA.

Some of the commonly reflected positive body language gestures are – smile, erect body posture, open arms, eye contact, leaning forward when meeting or greeting others.  What if we also add the power of our tone to catch up on the 38% of impact?  Good news;   “Tone is the slave of your body language.”   What do I mean when I say “Tone is the slave of body language?”  It simply means that your tone mirrors your body language.  Positive body language delivers positive tone; friendly body language delivers friendly tone whereas body language of fear delivers weak tone.

Imagine now if we complement the balance 7% with powerful words?  Is it practical?  Is that possible?  My response is YES; following basic principles and strategy you can deliver 100% of your message’s impact. The balance 7% of the impact can be generated by following one fundamental rule that is “right attitude” ie.

  • Attitude of gratitude: Such as thank you, I am sorry.  Practice the statement “How can I help you” “Let me know if I can be of help” and observe the positive difference in people around you and yourself.
  • Attitude of treating people with respect and dignity: Because when you climb the ladder you will cross same people as when you climb down.
  • Attitude of unbiased opinion: Extending a genuine ear and entering a discussion  with no pre-conceived notions.
  • Attitude of complimenting: Find a good thing about others and pass on  a sincere compliment.

Delivering 100% of your message’s impact is following right principles; strategy and practice; hence go ahead and deliver impact.