Last year my son Nipun enrolled in NIT @ Warangal studying to be a Mechanical Engineering. I advised him to create a LinkedIn profile.  After repeated nudges he created his LinkedIn account.  Last month when he was visiting Dubai – I nudged him to update his LinkedIn profile and send out connection invites to his friends. He simply nodded.

A week later I saw alerts that Nipun had updated is Photograph, Title and Experience.  The profile updates surprised me;   Great photo, appropriate background image and an inspiring Title too.Nipun

I asked – where did he get such creative ideas? He responded – 5% of his friends studying in Indian University have a LinkedIn profile whereas 90% of his friends studying in United States have a LinkedIn profile.  The answer was obvious – friends in US influenced him.  And it reflected that students studying in US understood the Power of Network and secondly people are influenced by the peer.

Early this year; son  of a friend (New MBA) called up and said uncle please advise where do I apply for jobs in Marketing.  My simple response was go to Education on LinkedIn and check where are your alumni employed.  Check their profile and use them as your career sign post. Check  …..

  1. Industry they are employed
  2. Companies they are employed
  3. Title they hold
  4. New education they have acquired
  5. Groups they have joined
  6. Companies they follow

Why reinvent the wheel; simply duplicate your alumni. In a weeks’ time he received three job offers.

Research reveals that School, University connections are the most powerful connections.  Research also reveals that people do business with people they share something in common.  And School and University are the most powerful denominator. Hence Leverage alumni network to CONNECT faster GROW faster and SUCCEED faster.

Note: LinkedIn introduced Education in around  2013 and over the period it has evolved into a powerful function wherein members can work on Education Planning and Alumni network.