I was surfing the net when I got a Skype call from a friend in India.  He said “Hi – I am driving and thought of connecting with you through Skype.”     Last Thursday while driving on Emirates road I noticed a long line of vehicles ahead hence I decided to turn towards the city to avoid the traffic.  Alas the situation was worse; the traffic had come to stand still.   That’s when I realized the traffic in Dubai will continue to grow grim over the next few years.  And there are numerous reasons contributing to Traffic jams and am sharing few of them:

Why Traffic jams:

  • Population increase.
  • Increase in number of vehicles on the road.
  • Limitation of infrastructure to handle increase in traffic.
  • Global events such as Expo 2020 and other regional events taking place in UAE are contributing towards increased movement of vehicle on DUBAI  roads.
  • More and more people using cars and not carpooling.
  • People from other Emirates not encouraged using Metro services.
  • Car owners not using Metro unless it connects direct office to residence.

What can Dubai government do to minimize traffic jams?

  • Expand and build road infrastructure to support future growth.
  • Develop a feeder Metro; bus and taxi services to connect main metro stations
  • Restrict traffic on certain commercials zones.
  • Restrict type of traffic or vehicles during certain time periods or days
  • Support car pool services and make it simpler.
  • Build multi-storied parking zones next to metro stations.
  • Work with other Emirates to ease entry and exit choke points.

 The traffic jam cost sweat equity in terms of man-hours lost.  So what is the solution ?  Well I am sharing my thoughts to minimize and add value to your time on the road and or tips to utilize your time when stuck in traffic jam.

  1. Identify a suitable less traffic time to travel such as leaving early from home to office and office to home.
  2. Use metro to reach faster and Fresh in Dubai
  3. Buy your groceries and essential items online to be delivered to your home.  And save general purchase commute time.
  4. Cut down on Commute Time:
    • Find residence next to your office.
    • Use digital tools such as video conference for meetings.
    • Replace onsite with online seminars and web events
    • Identify convenient meeting places for business meetings in the city such as coffee shop or restaurants equipped with WIFI
  5. Things  to do when in the car:
    • Listen to audio program – Create your University in car
    • Listen to your favorite music.
    • Touch base with business and friends
    • Utilize time to fix up meetings.
    • Call on Radio Stations and participate in contests
    • Practice breathing exercises – my favourite
    • Practice Memory exercises
    •  Use time to plan your next day
    •  Set aside travel time for brainstorming new ideas – my favourite

Good luck on your road journey in Dubai