Obama.3Sohaib Athar tweeted “Helicopter hovering at abbottabad 1PM – unusual at this time.”   “Unknowingly he was tweeting live the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden.  Keith Urbhan unknowingly tweeted hours before official announcement “So I am told by a reputable person that they have killed Osama bin Ladin.”   Twitter is about sharing experiences.

Saudi Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal invested USD 300 million in Twitter and says that he will not sell any of his shares in Twitter. He expects Twitter IPO to hit the market later this year or early 2014 and market sentiments says that once listed it will be valued more than USD 10 Billion.

Twitter is a 140 letters micro blogging platform and this limit is based on restrictions of wireless text messages. It has a clear advantage over other Social Media platforms because it’s built for mobiles.  It’s a powerful INFORMATION and OPINION sharing platform that was set up in 2006.  Since then it has built up a user base of around 240 Million and growing @ of 4.5 Million users per month. Its popularity can be gauged by the number of celebrities that Tweet to communicate with their followers.

Part of enjoying experience is sharing that experience”  and Twitter is the enabler.  It has become a Media icon wherein every broadcaster incorporates twitter in their show.   Twitter is so powerful a tool that no one predicted  that President Obama would use it to win election, that it will become the defacto tool of communication during Tsunami, that it will become the cause of uprising in the Arab world. 

Twitter is designed to be mobile hence accompanies you 24×7.  What can you achieve with Twitter?  Well the magnitude of applications are limited by your imagination and to begin with I am sharing 10 very broad areas you can focus on.

  1. Reading Tweets on your Timeline – Opinion, Current News.
  2. Discovering new information – Programs, Events and  Happenings
  3. Express your opinion and change others Opinions.
  4. Tracking Trends local and global – find out what are people tweeting about?
  5. Sharing others experiences through re-tweeting (RT)
  6. Find Friends
  7. Finding, Tracking & communicating with Celebrities
  8. Find out who shares your opinion and build your Tribe
  9. For  research
  10. Fun is reading and tweeting on the go ( Mobile)

Readers; the benefit and uses of Twitter are many limited only by your imagination.  Twitter is about living in the present. The question is how fast and how best you apply the learning.  If you are not on twitter, sign up and if you are on Twitter think what are you experiencing now that you can share with others?