1. Meaning to your Book

This tip is Courtesy TM Leo during Friends of Yoga Toastmasters Club meeting

Carry three coloured pens or highlighter with you.  Pink, Green and Blue

Define meaning for three Colours, such as I have defined the following when I read a book

  1. PINK: Urgent message – Read Research and use it.
  2. GREEN: Important tip – life changing; absorb it and use it
  3. BLUE: Important – URL, Name; Place, Business, activity and so on.

You can give any meaning to the colours and it’s not mandatory to have three colours.  You can have two colour as well.  When you read a book colour text  as per your colour code. The important thing is once it becomes a standard, it easy to spot relevant message/passage when you refer back the book.


2.Double your Memory:

As you’re on your way to work slot 5 minutes for the said exercise……. at every 30 seconds you glance quickly at something passing by then look away……….and then try to remember what you saw as vividly as you can.

Do this simple exercise 5 minutes each day for the next 7 days and you would have doubled your short term memory’s capacity in no time.

Its that  easy to double your memory!