Last week we completed the SS30 English speaking class ( Free English speaking classes for Blue Collar Workers).  Blue Collar workers are skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled professionals with a desire to learn and change their life.  The curriculum includes English speaking plus life skills such as

  • Honing Interview skills through improved content and body language
  • Speaking to a group of people
  • Setting goals
  • Taking initiatives, expressing opinion and maximizing decision in a day.
  • Overall the course motivates them to use Head.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”  hence I began my quest for success stories.

Mohan:  He comes from Punjab state. When he joined, he was shy and would not challenge or question anyone in his work environment.  On the flip side he is skilled and talented.  He is hard working and focused. In the second month of his joining the class he began applying for better job locally and in India.   And sooner he got the success in India wherein the take home salary and working hours were more than a match for his current job.  He put in a resignation and promptly current employer called on him and matched his offer and promoted him to the post of supervisor.  This is just the beginning of the story but let me share what metamorphosis are happening

–        He has become more confident, assertive and communicative.

–        He has begun taking initiative and risks.

–        He has been applauded for his initiative by the business partners

–        Two members of his team have been nominated to visit UK for training and

–        He is shortlisted for sponsored  training in UK

Harvinder: He is a heavy vehicle driver. He says Before:  “I could not speak a single word of English”  After: He addressed an audience of 150 people in impeccable English flavored with humour.  He has cleared his IELTS  exam and planning to move to Canada.  His goal is to set up a transport business.

Sanjeev: Employed as an unskilled worker working 6 days a week. He has the passion to learn but would stand mum when asked to speak and sometime his eyes would sweat when asked to speak.  After: He communicates in impeccable English and has tripled his salary. He has got a new job offer working as a Cashier.  He found his soul mate a banker by profession in Dubai and is engaged. 

Mahmudul Hassan: He says earlier he did not understand what did his Manager say and he would just stand dumb when Manager issued instructions.  After: Now he understands his manager’s instructions and makes suggestions and communicates his opinion.  Manager has appreciated change in him.

Biswajit, Dheba Lama, Rajalingham; Siyan; Santosh; Harjeet; Rajesh; Ritesh, Santhi Prakash Reddy …… the list is long and promising.   On the flip side everyone in the group is a hero because they have taken the initiative to bring in change.  They are heroes because they risked their only day off – Friday not knowing what lay ahead.  They have the desire and BELIEF  in themselves that’s why they continue coming back for further classes believing that sooner they will BLOSSOM.