My blog writing journey started sometime in early 2008.  I was fascinated by bloggers writing skills and guts to share their experiences on the net.  One day I called up on my friend Shiva and requested his advice.  He was blogging somewhat regularly using Google. No sooner we departed I opened up a bloggers account in Google.   I began scripting my experiences and this exercise  lasted for around 9 months wherein I had around 12 – 14 posts.   I realized writing was hard and Google did not provide much flexibility when it came to giving cosmetic edge to the blog.

Fast forward 2010;  I happened to attend an Internet marketing seminar wherein I realized the power of WordPress – a one stop window for complete content creation, security and SEO. I was impressed by the power of its engagement and content distribution. But anything to grow takes time and I must be patient.  Hence started my journey into blog writing.

I opened up an account in  and purchased my first URL .  I took up few topics such as TOASTMASTERS, SALES, QUOTES, HUMOR and scripted the respective topics posts on extensions.  The quote extension still exists and is active.  You may visit to read quotes.  Over a period of time when posts on sales and Toastmasters experiences started accumulating and maturing into real value; I further invested in two more URL for TOASTMASTER experiences and for SELLING experiences.

The above was a smooth journey however going farther the more difficult part was how to publish and achieve the best settings of blogs at the back office.  Here came my son Nipun to the rescue, he would quickly zero on to the YouTube tutorials and make the necessary addition, settings and amendments.  The 2nd challenge was creating content; the ideas were difficult and once I was through the ideas than the content was difficult.  And once the content was ok the grammar was the challenge.  And my daughter Alisha came to my rescue; she would check the grammatical and syntax errors.  Having said that ideas and content was still a challenge that I only had to overcome.  But not anymore.

Not anymore because over the period I have somewhat mastered the art of ideas creation and populating ideas with content.  I always keep an A4 size hard board writing pad in my car and few pieces of lose paper in my pocket.  No sooner an ideas pops up in my head I scribble it down, No sooner content pops up for the topic, I pen down.  And when I return home I expand on them.  The good thing is that with this practice;  I  accumulate multiple topics and respective content.

Which post and when is it published is purely a mindset issue.  COMPLETE IT; LIKE IT; POST IT.

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