People love to say ‘yes’ to requests from people they know. And people tend to like others who appear to have similar opinions, personality traits, background, or lifestyle. It goes to reflect that you can influence people decisions by using the LIKE factor.    Let’s examine where you can find the LIKE factor that can be proactively utilized to make a SALE, persuade and win support.

  1. Referral: Get referrals from your customers and friends and then use that referral to get an audience with your prospects. That is your LIKE factor
  2. Geography: Do you come from the same country or same village or same community.  If yes, that is a  LIKE factor.
  3. Hobby: Do you share a common hobby with your prospect.  Do you share passion for chess as your prospect does ?  That is your LIKE factor
  4. Kin and Friends: If you happen to know his kins or friends or otherwise; will generate a LIKE factor.
  5. Taste: Dress, Food or anything that you share commonly with your prospect will encourage your prospect to LIKE you.
  6. Forum: Do you share a common forum ? That is a LIKE factor
  7. Gifts: Law of reciprocity says if you do someone a favour, then the receiver is encouraged to reciprocate a LIKE Factor.
  8. Compliment: Praise, Appreciate, Admire and Flattery generate LIKE factor.
  9. Education: Sharing the same university or field of specialized study, is another LIKE factor.
  10. Your features: Tall and attractive people attract a degree of likeness more than not so attractive.  In fact the research says that people are bound to vote for more attractive contenders; you are more likely to get a job if you are tall and attractive. And this is a LIKE factor

The LIKE factor is available for you to use. Facebook uses it, successful Sales professional deploy it and Politicians exploit it.  And my message is; identify the LIKE factor and initiate your dialogue mentioning the similarity; thereafter the road leads to LIKE.  So go ahead develop, explore and practice the POWER OF LIKE.