WOMLast week I tracked few leading Information Technology SMEs (50 –  500  employees as per UAE market standard) in United Arab Emirates and results were an eye opener.

Technology Company # 1:  Employee registered: 250+; Followers: 4000 plus; company postings in the last 30 days were NIL; Jobs posted:  Nil

Technology Company # 2:  Employee registered: 350+; Followers: 10,000 plus; company posting in the last 30 days were NIL; Jobs Posted : Nil

Technology Company # 3:  Employee registered: 200+; Followers: 5,000 plus; company posting in the last 30 days were NIL; Jobs Posted: Nil

What if a CULTURE of LinkedIn is encouraged within organization; how will it impact company image and bottom-line?

  • INCREASED VISIBILITY: Imagine Company periodically posts content on company page and employees engage the content with Like, Share or Comment. Now assume organization has  200 employees on LinkedIn and with 500 connections per employee – the content can have visibility to around 200 x 500 = 100,000 connections.
  • FOLLOWERS : When you don’t post content on Company page, you  are depriving your followers.  They follow your Company to receive alerts on news and happenings  in your Company.
  • SALES LEADS: The increased visibility will result in spike in business leads.
  • TRAFFIC TO WEB SITE: Visibility of 100,000 will significantly spike traffic to Company web site.
  • MARKETING INVESTMENT: The increased traffic and 100,000 LinkedIn members Visibility can substitute for non–measurable marketing spend.
  • TRUST: When employees share company content it attaches more credibility.
  • FREE MOUTH PIECE: Linkedin is your Free mouth piece that has over 360 Million world of mouth listening. Rememer word of mouth is the most effective marketing.

Second tactic which I learned observing LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weinerengagement on LinkedIn.  Jeff Weiner engagement is 80/20; 80% engaging employees content and 20% non-LinkedIn employees with Like, Share and Comment.

A CEO recognizing/acknowledging or engaging employee in a public forum is a brilliant tactic to encourage CULTURE of employee participation on LinkedIn.  And we all know employee recognition in public forum is a huge MOITVATIONand motivated employees deliver the best.