kalyan new adThe Khaleej times said that around 15,000 people were reported at Meena Bazaar alone, where a frenzied crowd jostled to see and hear Bollywood legend Bachchan.  Now this was not an event or a show but launch of Kalyan Jewellers showroom in Dubai.

Kalyan Jewellers came to my attention for the first time when Khaleej Times announced their entry into Dubai market with 6 large format stores to be opened by 6 Bollywood and Tollyworld stars.  Now the objective of the post is to analyses MARKETING STRATEGIES used by Kalyan Jewellers to enter a fiercely competitive market place – DUBAI – synonymous with “Do Buy”

This was first foray into Dubai market and Kalyan Jewellers had to use guerilla tactics to climb to the top rung in the peoples mind and all their efforts were focused on to that.  The tactics Kalyan Jewellers used required deep pockets and am certain it has paid.  Lets share few tactics used by Kalyan Jewellers and their likely impact

  1. GUERILLA MARKETING: Kalyan Jewellers announced their ambitious plan to Media with number of hooks.  First time into Dubai market; large format showrooms; 6 showrooms in one day; inauguration by 6 leading film personalities; Creation of 500 jobs.  Such announcement got them FREE media coverage. Next day of the launch also attracted FREE publicity when every local newspaper carried front page news of Kalyan Jewellers mayhem.
  2. ECONOMY OF SCALE: Launch is for 6 showrooms – 4 in Dubai and 1 each in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah – hence they SPREAD THE MARKETING COST over six showrooms. 
  3. STAR POWER.1: Showrooms were to be inaugurated by 6 super stars of Bollywood and Tollywood.  Star power carried ENDORSEMENT from the top echelons of film industry instantly registering into PEOPLES MIND.
  4. STAR POWER.2 : Since Star’s represented across the cultural divide (North and South); this attracted wider audience and  connected people across the region.
  5. PERSPECTIVE BUYING: When it comes to my  turn to purchase Jewellery;  Kalyan would be on my list of showroom to visit.
  6. THINK BIG – CONSUMER EXPEREINCE:  Large format showroom spread over 5,000 square feet at two levels including a dedicated diamond floor.  This has attracted imagination of CONSUMER EXPERIENCE similar to what Carrefour exercised when they launched first Hyper market in Deira city center.
  7. CONSPICUOUS PURCHASING:  Kalyan activities have created a HIGHER PERCEIVED VALUE in the minds of people.  When I purchase my next piece of Jewellery I would flaunt “I have purchased it from Kalyan.”  And Kalan would charge a premium for such Conspicuous Purchasing.
  8. LARGE HOARDING FOR FLOATING POPULATION:  Kalyan purchased space at premium location and captured eye balls of 24×7 on the road population.  Dubai has a resident population of 2.1 Million and around 1.2 Million of floating population that comes from other Emirates. This addressed the FLOATING population.
  9. MARKET DIFFERENTIATION: Large format showroom (EXPERIENCE)  ; endorsement by leading film industry personalities from North, South touched palettes of  Jewellery  tastes ( LIKE ME )  from North and South.

The marketing machinery of Kalayan Jewellery has certainly taken the shine out of other long established businesses.  It has put the Name KALYAN in people’s mind on the top rung. The Hype has jolted leading brands to take notice and come up with frenzied marketing activities.  Dubai will never be the same when it comes to Jewellery – you will see fierce marketing activities and more benefits for the consumers.  Thank you Kalyan Jewellers.




  1. After the dust settles from the guerilla marketing, sustaining the momentum for the business is critical.
    I mention this since I visited the Kalyan showroom in Karama a couple of days later to make a purchase.
    They were short-staffed, most of those on the shop floor were busy stock taking and not gainfully engaged with clients.
    The staff were clearly new and lacked training. Every query from the client had to be relayed to the Manager for a response.
    Overall the shopping experience was not up to the hype created by their campaign.
    Recently, when asked by a friend to suggest a gold dealer, the top of the mind recall was Joy Allukas and Malabar.

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