Firework.2Dubai Local Newspapers are splashed with Dubai bid for World Record in Fireworks to welcome New Year 2014.

Little distance away from Atlantis; The Palm and Sofitel is Ground Zero – the place for FIREWORKS that will create Guinness World Record.   Dubai has set over 400,000 firework canisters anchored across 400 locations to pepper 100 kilometers of shoreline over a six-minute FIREWORKS.

Dubai does nothing without a reason.  The expenditure on Fireworks is a minuscule investment towards marketing blitz to market Dubai.  What would Dubai achieve through world Record Fireworks?

  1. Dubai has been elected to host Expo 2020 and it needs 100% media support to sell Dubai to the global communities.
  2. Media is a hard sell.  Either you buy the space and time at exorbitant costs or create a world class event to hook free media attention.  And world Record in Fireworks is that hook.
  3. World record in Fireworks is PRIMETIME news for Media; especially the closely guarded secret CLOSING IMAGES OF THE FIREWORKS DISPLAY” will carry the punch.
  4. Global media will showcase Dubai fireworks on every TV channels, digital media and print media.  And all Free of Cost.  Further numerous Fireworks clips would be uploaded on YouTube that will go VIRAL.
  5. It is a brilliant marketing strategy for ATLANTIS; PALM JUMERIAH and THE WORLD.  The media hype will support quicker sale of properties in these areas that will further shoot up Dubai property market.
  6. The crowd gathered to witness Firework will project a picture of BUOYANT ECONOMY thus attracting FDI and TALENT.
  7. Fireworks are a hook to showcase other developments in Dubai that media will certainly talk about.
  8. The important point to note is many other countries would welcome 2014 with display of fireworks. And Dubai’s Fireworks would be the brightest and the largest among all.
  9. The best, tallest, biggest, largest are Dubai’s MANTRA to stick in peoples mind. And when destinations are stuck into people’s mind, it becomes preferred destination for travel.  Fireworks will attract 3/4 days in-bound Dubai tours from across the globe adding necessary momentum to Hospitality, Aviation and Retail industry.
  10. Just like DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival); DFS (Dubai Fireworks Show) will become a yearly event. 

Hello! This is just the beginning wait and watch events being released from 2014 onwards to 2020.  World Record in Fireworks is not the display but a Gravitational Pull to project Dubai as the preferred destination of Travel, Tourism and Trade.


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