EtihadThis morning I was browsing through special air fares from Dubai to New Delhi and my focus came on the  Etihad Airlines web site – .  Simply to compare I took up Emirates as the bench mark and made note of social media engagements of two airlines.  The two airlines are the pride of two respective Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Emirates was started in 1985 whereas Etihad was launched in 2004.

What did I observe?

Between Emirates and Etihad – Etihad’s activities  on Social Media platforms outperformed Emirates with specific regard to Twitter.  I said outperformed because I give more weightage to the customer support wherein Etihad has created a twitter handle for customer support. I did not notice customer support twitter handle  by Emirates.  But on the flip side Emirates outstripped in customer engagement number (followers, Likes).   


Having said that I am not here to compare the two but share my opinion of Etihad Airlines web site edits.

Let’s look at Etihad page .

  1. I believe social Media platform is spelled LinkedIn where Etihad web site writesLinked-in”.   Accuracy is the hallmark of Quality service.
  2. The web page has Social Media icons at the bottom and when you click on the social media icon it should OPEN LINK IN A NEW WINDOW/TAB  on the contrary it opens into the same window making it difficult to go back to Etihad web page. CONVENIENCE.
  3. Etihad has a DEAL tab at the top to “INFORM BY EMAIL”.  This tab should also appear along social Media tabs.  Because audience that want to click on the social media icon are the right minded audience to register for special deal through email. RIGHT PLACE
  4. I found NO symmetry in font and style in two tabs – BOOK and My Trip.  It gives you the experience of confusion.  VISUAL APPEAL
  5. “THE Etihad Experience” Tab.  When it comes to experience for me it’s either “Etihad Experience” or NO experience. “Etihad Experience”  has more Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic appeal.  UNIQUE
  6. On the GOOD NOTE: I liked a separate Twitter handle @etihadhelp to address complaints and 2nd twitter handle @etihadairways to handle new development and news.  Etihad is among the few enterprises in UAE that effectively uses Twitter for customer support.

Overall I would say Etihad is The UAE National Airline. UAE is a conundrum of activities.  Etihad is acquiring and partnering with airlines across the globe.   But Etihad web page or social media platform have no symmetry with the three activities.  Not to mince words – Etihad web page lacks stickiness.  I believe it would be nice if Etihad leverages UAE economic momentum and global alliances. And it could be done in two ways:

  1. Make your web site and social media platform fun and include more colours.  Now this could be done by adopting periodic and revolving colour themes; seasons or events.
  2. Create content for generation Y and Z including contests;  quizzes and sharing of youth experience.

In conclusion I would say “in the books of account your fixed asset is your infrastructure and aircrafts whereas in this decade your customers digital experiences should be your most valuable asset in your book of accounts;   believe it or not?”