Are you Happy ? 

What is your moment of Happiness? 

The above two are powerful questions and your answer will differ from your neighbor, your colleague, your friend, your sibling.  Because HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF MIND. For some.. 

  1. Happiness is watching your favourite movie
  2. Happiness is accidently meeting your school friend after 20 years at a shopping mall.
  3. Happiness is finding parking space on the first attempt
  4. Happiness is getting up without an alarm and raring to go out
  5. Happiness is enjoying a fresh glass of orange juice
  6. Happiness is helping out your house boy write a letter to his family
  7. Happiness is wishing your parents happy Birthday
  8. Happiness is recovering your misplaced mobile phone in a Taxi
  9. Happiness is getting the best seat in the restaurant of your choice.
  10. Happiness is taking your loved ones out for dinner
  11. Happiness is posting your photograph on FB and getting 250 likes
  12. Happiness is reading newspaper early in the morning
  13. Happiness is spending time with yourself away from the noise pollution                  
  14. Happiness is leaving early from office to meet someone special
  15. Happiness is  receiving a surprise call from your kids to say that they miss you
  16. Happiness is getting no traffic to reach your office.

 Happiness is a state of mind and so is otherwise.  Choice is yours