Last Sunday I accepted an invitation for a full day seminar.  During the lunch time a 7 course buffet was served.  Audience crowded around the buffet table; people filled up their plate to the top and few snacked on the healthy food. 

Buffet table and the diners around reflect our life.  We are bombarded with so much information and distractions that we begin believing in filling our plate to the brim.  And consequently we develop clutter in our life; clutter of INFORMATION (including TV time; Facebook time, Internet browsing time), clutter in THINKING, clutter in WORK, clutter in HEALTH and clutter in our FAMILY RELATIONS.  And finally we are dull into mediocrity.   The question is what activities will trigger your right brain thinking and motivate us to get out of the clutter mode.  I am sharing few organic activities and there is no better time than your weekend time to begin the experiment.  If you find change in yourself repeat it often.

Next weekend is round the corner hence I have laid down the buffet of activities; activity 1 & 2 are MANDATORY whereas among 3 – 20 activities,  you can chose four  activities and slot them in your next 48 hours weekend schedule.

  1. Practicing thinking your goals in PICTURES and visualize yourself achieving your goal. Time 15 minutes a day
  2. Begin conversation with yourself, questions yourself and demand answers.  What is my goal in life; what activity gives me the greatest pleasure; what is the best use of my time now; what gives me the greatest high?  The objective of this exercise is to find your sweet spot and repeat it often.  Time 30 minutes a day
  3. Get up half an hour early and go for a 30 minute brisk walk around the park.
  4. Join Yoga or a Meditation group.  Time 20 Minutes a day
  5. Lunch out with your family.
  6. Write a post card to your parents and tell them how much do they mean to you.
  7. Find four people to help, even holding a door for someone is help, giving a direction to hyper market or even helping your kid solve a math problem is a help.
  8. Attend an educational event on Meet up and introduce yourself to the group.
  9. Spend an hour deep reading a book on future Trends.
  10. Invest an hour on memory training.
  11. Invest two hours on  your Hobby.
  12. Get in touch over phone with two of your friends that you have not called for over a month.
  13. Identify two people that you would like to express gratitude, call them up and tell them how they have impacted your life.
  14. Rearrange your reading table or your sitting room
  15. Go out for an hour walk in the evening and admire the beauty of your city in lights.
  16. Purchase inspirational picture, frame it and hang it in your study room.
  17. Identify a cause and spend time with less fortunate people.  Use your creativity to identify their pressing skill or educational need and train them.
  18. Learn to create a video blog ( Youtube)
  19. Get out of the house: Visit an Art Gallery; visit a museum, go fly a kite.  Prepare yourself to be out in the morning hours.
  20. Go on digital diet & disconnect for the next 12 hours – no phone, no TV; no computer.


Good luck and happy upcoming weekend.