TMI could observe one thing when I visited a Toastmasters Club meet last week; THIN ATTENDANCE.  And during break time the topic of discussion was also “WHAT IS THE ANTIDOTE TO THIN ATTENDANCE.”   

In this post I would share my thoughts which are easier said than done.  But if you begin right you are most likely to end right as well.  Most Toastmasters club face dwindling attendance and the best road map to reverse the attrition is to adopt BI-MODAL STRATEGY.   Bimodal strategy is to have strategy focus on two membership areas.

  • RETENTION OF EXISTING MEMBERS: Existing members attend the club meet by ensuring that their individual needs are addressed. The needs could be Education, Growth in and outside the club, right participation opportunities, recognition, involvement in decision making, role models, Mentoring, Quality meetings, innovative meetings, easy to reach meet location, available parking and so on.
  • ACQUISITION OF NEW MEMBERS: Allocate a budget to acquire new members. Define  2- 3 ideas and steps to invite guests in every club meet and measure your conversion rate from guests to members. How can you improve on the rate of conversion by 10% or 20%.  Identify a team to convert guests into members.  On the flip side  conversion of  guests to member should be a collective responsibility of every member of the club. 

caveat;  even if your club is thriving with membership attendance of   40 – 50 or 60 members in every meet.  Do not slack on inviting Guests because Guests are life line of every club longevity.  Final word of caution – in the beginning of the year set number target in three areas; every CLUB MEETING ATTENDANCE; MEMBERSHIP RETENTION and ACQUISITION.  And measure your efforts.  Because what gets measured gets done.