Someone said ….. Before you criticize someone walk in his shoes for a day” a profound statement.   The statement is a double bonanza because it cautions you not to criticize others lest you have actually understood the person and his circumstances; secondly invest your time in others.

But what happens when you encash the bonanza err wisdom.

  1. You begin to appreciate your strengths and learn others weaknesses. Effectively that is your first step towards metamorphing into a Leader.
  2. When you stop searching for weaknesses, you start focusing on the strengths in others.
  3. When you begin noticing the positives they become your allies and you begin to utilize their strengths.  And Leadership is about utilizing the strength of your resources.
  4. When you stop criticizing and focusing on their strengths you connect better and earn the respect of others.  This automatically elevates you to the Platform of a Leader.
  5. When you focus on strengths and positives; you attract positivity and strength.

this is THE SECRET