Have you ever wondered why you are not getting relevant invites to connect; Engagement on LinkedIn and   meaningful Job offers or Business leads from 430 Million members on LinkedIn Platform?  Most of us share this dilemma.

In the connected World Your DIGITAL IMPRESSIONS shapes your CONNECTIONS ASSUMPTION.  And if your connections assumptions are contrary to your perception then you are not following the rule of BRAND BUILDING. 

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room – Said Jeff Bezos – CEO of Amazon.

When I ask the audience to look at the image of

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

and  write down what comes to their mind?  .  The most likely words that pop up are Leadership, Visionary, Task Master.  Now response to my second question “Imagine what comes to people mind when they look at your image?”  invites Chuckles from the audience.

Everything is made Twice first in your mind and then in Reality – Said Leadership Guru Robin Sharma. 

Hence for next 30 minutes sit down comfortably in a  quiet corner and think of words you would like to be associated with.  For example me “Vinod Mehra” would like to be associated with words such as Honest, Fair, Creative (PERSONAL VALUES) .  What would you like to be associated with – write down 2 – 3 words?

Now 2nd exercise is think of professional skills you would like to be searched for? Such as ecommerce, cloud computing, Sales, Business Development, Audit, Finance, Blockchain and so on.  For example me  – “Vinod Mehra” would like to be searched for Social Selling and Cloud computing.

Blend of your PERSONAL VALUES and your PROFESSIONAL SKILLS reflect your Brand Image.  You  might ask –  what is the next step forward? 

Steven Covey first Rule of “Seven Habits of Highly effective people” is  “First Thing First.”

  • Work on your LinkedIn Profile background image. It should reflect your Professional skills and/or blend of Personal values.  Its recommended it is a blend of image and text.
  • Upload a clear headshot on your LinkedIn profile. To get the best shot follow these five simple tips
    1. Elongate your neck, and tilt your chin just a bit
    2. Do not slouch
    3. Keep your shoulders back
    4. If you are standing – turn slightly and rest your weight on your back leg
    5. Don’t keep your legs together and shoulders straight
    6. Lean slightly toward the camera and angle your face and/or body
    7. Ensure the lens is above you
  • Fill in the Title and include mention of your professional skill.
  • Sprinkle your summary story with blend of Personal values and Professional skills
  • Sprinkle your work experiences with Professional skills and personal values.
  • Periodically engage and publish relevant, meaningful content in Groups and your Time line that has reference or mention of your personal values and/or Professionals skills.
  • The objective of 1 – 6 points exercise is that your personal value and professional skills blend in your LinkedIn profile and engagements.  And it results in a searchable profile for the  words identified as Personal Values and Professional skills.  Remember your LinkedIn profile is your Digital reputation.
  • After Three months: Sign in “Klout” and measure how Klout measures you for those words.

Finally run the litmus test. Your profile is incomplete if you don’t take a poll or feedback from your friends, colleagues and connections – ask them “ what comes to their mind, when they see your image or look at your profile?”  Help them with few suggestions on the library of words to choose from and one option being others.