This morning I had four telephonic conversations before 10:00 am in the morning.   All four had different subject, different people and all ended in a BITTER note.   I sat down to analyze what happened?  Was that a freak coincidence or it’s a pattern – i.e. if you begin well you end well or when you begin badly you end bad.  Or I carried feelings and emotions of my first bitter engagement into my subsequent engagements.  Well one thing was certain I was dragging my first experience into subsequent experiences. 

So what is the solution?  Take the cue from KITKAT advertisement – “TAKE A BREAK,”  yes I took a break – had a cup of tea, okra stuffed sandwich and smiled back.  Many a time in our life we believe  …….

  1. I AM NOT PROGRESSING:  Simple Solution: Consciously take a step forward.  Enroll for an online course (, join a professional forum (meetup), learn a new skill, Get a mentor or a Coach, Talk to someone who you look up to in your profession.
  2. I AM BORED: Simple Solution:  Break the monotony and do something different during the day or at that particular time.  May be take a walk, call up your loved one, take up dance class, go for a haircut or body massage, practice Pranayama for the next 20 minutes and clear up clutter in your mind.
  3. I AM UNHAPPY: Simple Solution:   Make others happy, complement someone, wish someone happy birthday, congratulate someone on promotion or job well done.  Or better still volunteer for helping others.

Try these simple solutions and you will realize that life is not so complicated but solution lies in simple things in your life.