elanceReid Hoffman Started out LinkedIn in his living room in 2002 and subsequently launched the company on May 5, 2003.  Approximately 11 years later LinkedIn journey has been phenomenal with over 238 Million plus professional connection on this platform.

LinkedIn started as a professional network platform and subsequently it added business page.  This year it added University page and dropped down the minimum age to 13 years and 14 years depending on the region.  What does it foretell for LinkedIn users?  Reiterating LinkedIn CEO’s New Vision statement: “We want to digitally represent every economic opportunity in the world … full-time and part-time” – Sept. 9, 2013 .  I believe LinkedIn should further consolidate its eco-system with either developing or purchasing one of the Elance like platform.

And then LinkedIn will become a powerhouse incentive for every professional, freelancers and SME Entrepreneurs to actively engage on LinkedIn platform and quickly monetize their expertise.  Till that date Linkediner continue building up your momentum.

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