You have signed up for LinkedIn, updated your profile and have asked questions on the LinkedIn.   And now its time to give back.   Participate in answering to extend your expertise benefit.

Providing answer to other questions is a powerful activity for two reasons.  Reason 1 – you are advising and guiding others and 2nd your comments reflect you identity.  Having said that I am sharing thoughts and motivation behind participating in answer forum and have reflected the opinions of the LinkedIn members verbatim so as not to dilute the message.

  • Business: Booked, received and increased business.
  • Self development: Engaging learning facilitator for personal and professional growth.
  • Participation: Real sense of participation “I have moved from a “lurking” status where I was an anonymous consumer of what others provided to the point where I am generating content and tangibly contributing to this interesting change in how we all communicate, collaborate and connect”.
  • Enjoy: Enjoy answering.
  • Gain Knowledge: Being active in this forum has helped me to gain knowledge.
  • Know people better: By reading the questions and answers that people post here, one can get to know them much better than is possible from merely reading their profile. By doing so, one gains invaluable insight about people who use this forum.
  • Opinion on Expertise status: Another is regarding the forum itself and particularly the expertise aspect. That’s just an idiosyncrasy that ensues from the hierarchical approach LinkedIn took in designing the forum. In terms of a tool for networking, it’s entirely dispensable.
  • Analyze & Know members better: One can glean just as much information about people who post questions as those who post answers simply by paying attention to another set of measurements:
    • What kind of questions do they ask ?
    • How do they ask ?
    • What happens after answers are posted: Do they give feedback and/or do they rate the answers or do they simply ignore the answers ?
    • If they do rate the answers, what does their rating reveal about their judgment ?
    • Did they ask to merely have a preconceived notion re-inforced, i.e. do they reveal an innate bias (this works both ways, in the sense that it doesn’t matter if they judge one’s answer favorably or not. What matters is the kind of judgment they reveal by their rating).
    • Does their rating reveal an inconsistency in approach. For e.g., there may be more than one answer in the thread that mention the same points yet they rate only one of them good or best.
    • Does their rating reveal open-mindedness, i.e. does their judgment reveal a considerate and thoughtful person who’s open to dialogue and to consideration of a diversity of perspectives ?
  • Help Others: I have a strong passion to help other thats why I keep on posting answers here under different categories
  • Upgrade knowledge: helps me fine tune my knowledge.
  • Stay active: answering questions is a chance to stay active while hopefully benefiting others
  • Add Value: Get Clients;  Connections; Partners; Friends.
  • Make decisions: Making decisions on certain topics, finding persons with certain expertise, and just by reading interesting
  • Conversation: I do enjoy “conversing” with other people on a variety of topics.

Answering questions on LinkedIn is POWER extended to you by the LinkedIn forum and the members asking questions.  And as said in the movie “Spiderman” ………. “Power comes with great responsibility”

Happy Reading