Last night I was dissecting my diary wherein I script my daily activities. I realized that some days were productive and few did not go as per my expectations. My Happiness meter was the mirror image of how I had performed that day.

On closer scrutiny- I realized that days I was able to sell, happiness meter shot up and days I was unsuccessful in selling, the Happiness meter tanked. Now you may wonder what has happiness or success to do with Selling because I am not a sales person.   Sit back and relax – everyone is selling – advertently  or inadvertently. And your SUCCESS is about how well you sell?  

SELLING TO YOURSELF: The most important sale you make is – a Sale to yourself.

  1. Selling the ideas to get up early in the morning.
  2. Selling yourself the benefits of exercising. 
  3. Selling yourself the benefits of taking hard decisions. If you can achieve “Sell Yourself milestones” your happiness meter moves on the upward trajectory.

SELLING TO OTHERS: Now comes the factor of selling to others. Your daily ritual is filled with selling to others. And you are judged by how well you sell to others.

  1. How well you sell your advise to your kids or how receptive your kids are to your advise.
  2. How well you sell your opinion to your spouse?
  3. Did your family buy your weekend plan or vacation plan?
  4. Did your friends buy your idea for a cup of coffee at Starbucks?
  5. Did your team buy your idea to make 10 customer visits a day?
  6. Did your boss buy your ideas to hold next sales meet at Holiday Inn?
  7. Did policeman buy your excuse for not wearing the car seat belt?

Now if you dissect your day you will realize that your success or failure is a reflection of how well you sell your idea, product or services to yourself first followed by to others. 

My message is “Master Selling”