EMIRATESSometime I am asked by the businesses; we have a web site, a twitter account and we blog; then why do we need a Facebook Page?  My answer is if you believe in leaving money on the able, if you believe in losing out on generation Y and Z; stay away from Facebook page.  Although having a Facebook business page is quite similar to owning a website, there are still several undeniable advantages from Facebook that can’t be missed.

Let’s look at few statistics:

  1. Facebook has over 1 Billion users providing you access to the largest market place.
  2. An average Facebook user has 130 friends. And when he shares your Facebook message the result is viral.  That’s how Justin Bibber became a phenomenon, that’s how gangnam style became an overnight success.
  3. 488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile. This is your Gen Y and Gen Z target customers (source: All Facebook)
  4. 77% of B2C companies and 43 percent of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook. (source: Business2Community) 

On the flip side business owners understand that the growth and success of a company is greatly impacted by its strategies to engage customers.  And Facebook page provides you that gateway.  Now let’s look at the tangible strategic benefits of using Facebook page for business because every $ should have an ROI. Let me share my thoughts on how Facebook page can increase your business growth and profit.

  • FREE: It cost only sweat equity to create your business page.
  • EASY TO CREATE:  It is easy to create.   In just under 30 minutes You can create and  launch your Facebook  page.
  • ENGAGE THE MASS: FBP allows you to engage users through sharing videos, photos and special offers.  There is no other channel so powerful to engage users at that level. . “Today July 8, 2013 on FBP: Ethihad Airways – FBP announced on FBP “Up to 50% off flights from the ?#UAE to leading destinations across the world with our ‘Summer Sizzlers’ promotion! Hurry, sale ends on Wednesday”
  • CRITICAL MASS: Facebook has critical mass of over 1 Billion users who can be your target audience; where on earth you get access to such a big audience. 
  • COMMUNICATE: You can communicate important messages, launch, announcements, changes; anything related to your business that needs attention.  Today July 4, 2013 on FBP: Air Arabia – FBP makes an announcements that it will be commencing its services to the Capital of Armenia, Yerevan on the 16th of August 2013
  • CROWD SOURCE: Your business can put forward suggestions, give away beta products and get your customers feedback. On a technology note you can outsource important marketing or launch decisions to crowdsourcing.  Research says that crowd source decisions are beer than expert’s decisions.  July 4, 2013 Emirates FBPCalling all budding artists out there! Want to win a commission of US $5,000 and get worldwide recognition for your work? Enter the Emirates Skywards Future Artist competition and you could not only win this prize but also see your artwork on Emirates Skywards 2014 membership cards.”
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: This is an ideal platform for Customers to express their concerns and log complains.  And it’s an ideals platform for the businesses to provide expeditious hearing and solution to customer’s complaints.
  • TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE: Business who have web site can increase website traffic through creating awareness on the FBP.
  • VIRAL THROUGH “LIKES”:  This is an effective way of multi-level marketing (MLM). Once your customers like and/or share the page, they will begin to receive updates from your business and not only that, their friends will also be able to see them.
  • Others: There are number of ways your business can benefit from Facebook page and the limit is your IMAGINATION.

Let’s see how is UAE aviation industry doing about Facebook page as of July 8, 2013

Emirates Facebook page has over 453,762 Likes

Air Arabia Facebook page has over 46,936  Likes

Emirates Facebook page has over 1,779761 Likes

Let’s step out to Qatar; Qatar Airways Facebook page has over 1,332,796 Likes

Now make your decisions can you afford not to have FACEBOOK PAGE?