wiproThere is a general perception that LinkedIn is for people finding jobs.  And they are absolutely correct in their own mind because they have not looked beyond a job.  LinkedIn is the biggest BUSINESS SOCIAL network.  

  1. There are over 500,000 recruiters searching for right skill on the LinkedIn.  These searches are keywords driven and many of the jobs are not even advertised.  The question is have you optimized your profile?
  2. There are over 235 Million LinkedIn users that include professionals with high level of income including, C- level executives and business owners.  The question is are you leveraging the power of LinkedIn to generate sales leads?
  3. Every Fortune 500 company is represented on the LinkedIn with over 3 Million Company pages representing numerous products and services.  Pages reflecting maximum hits are company brand, career, Tips & best practices followed by Facts & Quotations.  The question is – Is your business maximizing the benefits of LinkedIn platform?

 In the following post I will focus on how LinkedIn is impacting businesses that represent every major industries and span across every country represented in United Nations.   Broadly LinkedIn offers you four platforms to populate in your Company pages 

  1. Home
  2. Career
  3. Products and Services
  4. Insights 

Further LinkedIn extends creditability to your company page through key influences such as word of mouth, Social impacted following and building community through followers and comments.  These followers and comments are from powerful community of professionals.  Over a period of time such practices become powerful motivators to generate automated quality sales leads i.e generated through word of mouth and social impacted following ie. if others are doing it must be Right, Better and Satisfying. 

Let’s explore how India top IT companies have performed in terms of building followers community on LinkedIn. 

Wipro Technologies has 303,751 plus followers  recommendations for their product folio

HCL Technologies has 189, 451 Followers

TCS has 442,226 Followers

Infosys has 338,998 followers whereas Global outlook is much brighter on LinkedIn 

IBM has 1,270,270 followers

HP has 1, 241,164 followers

Apple has 980,558 followers

Google has 1,458,342 followers 

Don’t miss the bus just get on LinkedIn and strengthen your brand image.