Why Do LinkedIn Members endorse you for Skills (Skills and Endorsements)?  I have deliberated many a time when I receive an endorsement.  Is it …..

  1. SOCIAL PROOF: just because others have endorsed me for Leadership; the following endorses me for leadership too.
  2. CONTENT: They have endorsed me because I publish such content.
  3. COLLEAGUE: They endorsed me because we have worked together and they have observed the skill in me.
  4. KEYNOTE: They endorsed me because they heard me speak in an event.
  5. NETWORK: They endorse me because we have met at an event and I treated him great.
  6. RECIPROCITY: They endorsed me because I endorsed them first hence they are reciprocating.
  7. or may be other reason

I still deliberate whenever I receive a skill endorsement.

LinkedIn can make “Skills and Endorsement”  a SUPER MEANINGFUL tool with few changes.    For example, every time you endorse a member for a skill – LinkedIn opens up a new window “WHAT INFLUENCED YOU TO ENDORSE;”  requesting you to tick one of the four options and fourth being a free format comment.   LinkedIn can make this input available to PAID MEMBERS.   This will help endorsed members to extract meaningful information out of the endorsed skills.

Else Endorsement ends up as an adornment on your profile.