SSelling_2DUBAI workforce is reluctant to board Social Selling bandwagon and there are only two parties to be blamed EMPLOYER and EMPLOYEES.  Let’s explore their common fears and apprehensions …

EMPLOYERS:  A large % of companies in regulated industries block or prohibit SOCIAL MEDIA activity.

  1. Fear # 1: If we train team on Social Selling; they might leave the company.
  2. Fear # 2: Mindset – It’s a waste of time. My customers are not on Social Media Platform. Time spent on social selling could be better utilized on face to face selling or cold calling.
  3. Fear # 3 : I can measure ROI on traditional selling methods such as calls per day, visits per day, proposal submitted per day. But how do we measure ROI on Social Selling?
  4. Fear # 4: I don’t have control. What if my team makes a silly mistake, it may hurt our company BRAND.
  5. Fear # 5: Ignorance – I don’t know where to begin?
    1. What are the channels or social networks to use?
    2. What content and format to use?
    3. What types of messaging and tone of voice works best ?
    4. What days/time of day is best to post?
    5. Who, when, How and where to Connect?
  6. Fear # 6 : Fear of change; Fear of unknown. Why mess with a working sales system?

EMPLOYEES:  A large % of reps say they don’t know how to use SOCIAL MEDIA effectively, which suggests a training need.

  1. Fear # 1: I don’t want my employer to know what I am doing on Social Media Platform.
  2. Fear # 2: My boss sent me an invite; I don’t want to connect with him. He may be spying on me.
  3. Fear # 3 : My company might think I am wasting time or looking for a job.
  4. Fear # 4 : Assumption: Ahh! LinkedIn is an online resume.
  5. Fear # 5 : Ignorance – I don’t know how to “Social Sell
  6. Fear # 6 : Fear of change; Fear of unknown. Why change a working sales system?

Social Selling is the new pipe that channels inbound and outbound traffic.  It allow you to do more sales prospecting in a single day than you’d likely complete in a week using traditional tools. But scale is one dimension because Social Selling delivers a host of additional benefits unattainable with traditional outbound selling techniques. Hence get on Social Selling.