Sales.ProcessI recall my first sales job wherein on my 2nd day I was given a territory and asked to cold call on businesses in the next building.  Fast forward I recall my second sales job wherein I was given the yellow pages directory and mandated to call on banks.  I sincerely believe that my first two attempts were absolute failures because I did not have a Sales Process.

Research says that 45% of the sales organizations do not have a SALES PROCESS.  Consequently business do not have a mechanism to measure the success of leads collected and at which stage they currently stand?  Furthermore every sales person is speaking a different sales language and with a sales team of 7; management gasps to understand 7 different languages.

Be a SOLE PROPRIETOR or an ENTERPRISE BUSINESS every business must have a documented Sales Process and this should be in the form of a documented work flow.   SALES PROCESS is the steps business follow from acquiring a prospect to converting them into a customer.  And this process is different from business to business reflecting the sale value or the type of products being sold.  For example in a simplistic form it could be simple four steps  “HAND”

  • H = Hello Greeting
  • A = Asking questions
  • N = Narrow down your choices
  • D = Directing the customer/sales ie. Closing 

Or your Sales Process could be 5 steps

  1. Gaining the interest
  2. Establishing your credibility
  3. Establishing the customers need
  4. Offering solutions
  5. And finally Closing and offering payment terms


Or your SALES PROCESS could be little different

  1. Collecting the lead
  2. Making a contact to establish firm interest
  3. Analyzing & discovering the actual need
  4. Proposal submission
  5. Closing the sales 

The sales process makes your life easier; saves customer time and frustration and is more effective because business can duplicate and replicate the process. In a more simplistic language SALES PROCESS defines the road map; where do you find prospects (Seminars, Events, Call outs; Referral; web site and so on) and what do you do with them?    So go ahead define your SALES PROCESS.  It could as short as 4 steps or as long as 10 steps with 30 sub heads.

Now the second question is I have SALES PROCESS and I have received 80 leads from my GITEX this week, how do I process them efficiently?  My response would be invest in CRM such as Salesforce, ZOHO or search on Google.  You can find many GOOD BETTER and BEST CRM including few free ones such as  ZOHO which is free for 3 users license.

Why CRM in my next blog post ?