Are you confident, can you deliver the systems before April 30 asked my CIO.  And I stuttered for a response and said why not ?   I am doubtful, if my answer convinced my CIO because the assignment was assigned to my colleague who is junior to me.

The statement is ……….. You can practice Job X with confidence or without confidence; play tennis or talk to your colleagues with confidence or without confidence.  The difference is reflected in the results between the two which is primarily the difference between winning and not wining.  So how important is the confidence I would say “Confidence is as important as learning to swim when you are pushed into the deep waters.”  My second question is can you develop confidence?  My resounding answer is YES.

I will share few tips and your time begins now to focus on developing your confidence every week, every day and every hour of your life.  And the tips to develop confidence are

  1. BEGIN WITH THE BEST FUEL:  Begin your day investing first two hours with the BEST FUEL; healthy breakfast, positive people, and best ambiance.
  2. BODY LANGUAGE: Be a consummate student of body language.  SIT STRAIGHT, WALK TALL AND SHAKE HAND FIRM. Practice skipping and Surya Namaskar. Read “Body Language” by Allan Pease and Barbara Pease
  3. B + :  Learn and practice positive words. Brilliant, Superb, Exciting, Gorgeous….use your imagination.  Invest in the book called “WORDS THAT SELL”
  4. COMPLIMENTS: Learn and practice giving compliments.  Find good in your social contact and give them compliments.
  5. DRESS SMART : Dress smart and clean.  Invest in good suit and shoes.
  6. IMPORTANT TASK:  Habit to priorities important task first thing in the  morning.
  7. LEARN YOUR CRAFT: Spend an extra hour a day perfecting your craft. Visit YouTube and download videos on your craft.  Follow the gurus in your field.
  8. PLAN: Plan your day in advance; you don’t want surprises eating up your time. Maintain a daily journal scripting you next day’s agenda and your achievements for the day.
  9. PRACTICE:  Practice important tasks at least 24 hours in advance. Practice separates the fear from the confidence.  Practice your speech; practice your request for promotion.
  10. PRACTICE SPEAKING SLOWLY, CLEARLY and LOUDLY till you master the language. Experiment reading story books.   Invest in a good MP4 and record your voice.  Be your best critic.
  11. SMILE: Learn to smile more and wide.
  12. And finally fake it till you make it.

Finally remember in the world of living “Confidence is half of victory.”