L1There is a general perception that LinkedIn is for people finding jobs.  And they are absolutely correct in their own mind because they have not looked beyond a job.  LinkedIn is the biggest BUSINESS SOCIAL network. 

  1. There are over 500,000 recruiters searching for right skill on the LinkedIn.  These searches are keywords driven and many of the jobs are not even advertised.  The question is have you optimized your profile?
  2. There are over 225 Million LinkedIn users that include professionals with high level of income including, C- level executives and business owners.  The question is:  are you leveraging the power of LinkedIn to generate sales leads?
  3. Every fortune 500 company is represented on the LinkedIn with over 3 Million Company pages representing numerous products and services.  Pages reflecting maximum hits are company brand, career, Tips & best practices followed by Facts & Quotations.  The question is – Is your business maximizing the benefits of LinkedIn platform?

Having said that in this post I will focus on INDIVIDUAL USERS of LinkedIn.

  1. Create your LinkedIn Profile with a professional photograph.  When selecting photo, follow 3F’s i.e Fill your Frame with Face.
  2. Grow and connect with your Peers and Professional contacts.  Endorse & Request Endorsements.
  3. Invite your customers on LinkedIn and show them the benefit (Corporate and Individual).  Increase your circle of Influence.
  4. Research on your competition and find your SWOT.
  5. Search Engine Optimize the titles and your profile.  This will enable recruiters to find you. Find jobs and be found.
  6. Join Groups: You can join up to “50” groups at any given time.  Divide your groups into Peers; Professional and Hobby.
  7. To amplify your BRAND participate in group discussions.
  8. Post relevant content and share it with your connections.  Tell them why it’s important and make it meaningful.  Its a great way to acquire an Expert Status.
  9. Begin following companies on LinkedIn; it is a great way to stay up to date on your favorite brands and have a direct conversation with companies you’re interested in.
  10. Create your Blog and PowerPoint presentation in Slide share.  And link with your profile.
  11. Attract sales leads through your optimized profile, Blogs posts, Slideshare PowerPoint presentations and participating in group discussions.
  12. Build your customer community Group.

 The BIG QUESTION is have you taken the FIRST STEP?