Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the earth – Said Archimedes. This is the power of leverage – Archimedes understood it centuries ago and you must realize that – LinkedIn is your Lever to succeed in professional career.  Let’s analyze what can you achieve by leveraging your presence on LinkedIn.

  1. ONLINE RESUME: LinkedIn is an Online resume working 24×7. ( Track who views your profile)
  2. BRAND BUILDING PLATFORM: LinkedIn is an online Brand building platform working 24×7 across the Globe. ( Choose the Right Skills – 4 skills and request members to endorse you for those skill sets)Skills_Social
  3. AUTHORITY: LinkedIn is a platform to showcase your credentials – People trust people with authority, tiles and credentials. ( Display your credentials – EPO and post relevant content 3E’s)
  4. MARKET PLACE: LinkedIn has over 360 Million members from across the globe – build Golocal Network. ( Budget your time to grow your network Local and outside in your favourite country)
  5. LEADS: LinkedIn helps you fill your buckets with potentials business leads. (Identify your potential customers to engage)
  6. BUSINESS: LinkedIn helps you close more sales by converting cold calls to warm calls. (Engage your potential customer early )
  7. NETWORK: LinkedIn helps you build strong first degree connections so you can leverage 2nd degree connections. ( Engage your members – give before your ask)
  8. ROLODEX: LinkedIn is your Rolodex and meeting planner through LinkedIn features RELATIONSHIP and CONTACT.Contact
  9. SALES CYCLE: LinkedIn helps you get early in the sales cycle by reading and tracking potential customers online activities. (Track engagements of potential customers)
  10. RESEARCH: LinkedIn helps you research people, business and industry.Lady

LinkedIn is a powerful Platform limited by your imagination.  It provides so much insight into members that you can achieve your goals fasters and grow them many folds – because People do business with People.  The more you know about your customers the more effectively you can engage with them.