Like Why a customer is persuaded to purchase from Sales Person # A and he rejects the similar offer from a Sales Person # B? 

There may be numerous reasons but the most fundamental is the LIKABILITY factor.  If a customer LIKES you; your probability of winning the sale increase manifold.   Now the second question is can you increase Likeability factor and the answer is in the hand written greetings cards mailed by Joe Gerard (the top Car Salesman) every month to his 13,000 customers with a simple message “I Like You.”  

The answer is YES you can increase your LIKEABLITY factor and hence probability of your winning the sale.  Let me share few tips.   

  1. People like people who Compliment them, praise them.  So be lavish in your approbation.
  2. People like people who work on Common goals.
  3. People like people who have something in Common with them.
  4. You can increase your likeability by asking for Small Favours from others.
  5. Seek first to understand and then be understood.  Customer purchase from you not because they understand you but they believe you understand them.
  6. You can increase likeability by Mirroring others body language.
  7. You can increase likeability by Matching your pitch and tone.
  8. Attractive people are more likeable and  they are attributed more intelligence, knowledge, honesty and power. ( Call it HALO effect).
  9. Your likeability increase when you are in front of your customer more than others.
  10. You increase likeability by addressing others by their Name.
  11. You increase likeability when you dress and groom the best.
  12. You increase likeability when you associate with best people, places, activities and things.  The persona of things and people you associate with rubs on your likeability factor. 

The above tips will help you close more sales and faster.