Farmers2Sales is the heart of every Business and the oxygenated blood flowing in the arteries is the Sales team.  But many a time the sound bite is “we missed our revenue targets because the sales team did not perform”; “We made a loss because our Sales team lost business opportunities.”  The two statements are absolutely true because if the sales team does not perform or loses business opportunities the business will miss its revenue targets.

But have you ever wondered why the Sales team did not perform? Why did they lose business opportunities?  May be yes and probably not.  When I look back, Sales professionals are categorized into various groups and the most popular among are FARMERS and HUNTERS.  Now my question is “Do you assign hunters the agricultural land or forest to hunt?”  “Do you assign farmers the forest or the agriculture land to sow?”   Few of you might respond “we do categories our sales team,  Farmers to the agricultural land and hunters to the forest.”   Now my second question would be “Do you give them the right implements and train them on the implements?”  Because if you don’t  hunters could be using bow and arrow as an axe or the farmers using harvester to sow the seeds.

Think about it; next time when you remark the sales team did not perform or lost business opportunities; are you on track for right activity for the right salesman?