The numro uno challenge in SELLING is knowing who your target audience is?  And when you overcome your target audience challenge, the second challenge emerges i.e knowing who is the right person from the target audience ?

I will like to share one secret that I have noticed in successful networkers that would go miles to resolve your problem.  Successful networker maintain the contact details of every person they meet; no matter how insignificant they are ?  And now with the advent of smartphone you can replicate the habit with ease and much panache.           Secondly if you continue habit of recording the contact details; sooner you will realize the power of such list.  And it could be worth in gold.

Example # 1: you are visiting an event organized by Indian Consulate and you meet the key employees of Indian Consulate.  Exchange cards and record their contact details. Six months down the line, you need quick information on replacing a lost passport; take out your smartphone and call up the contact, exchange the pleasantries remind him/her how you met and then throw in the request.

Example # 2:  You drive down to Abu Dhabi from Dubai and you need a quick reference in a Bank LC department.  Take out your smartphone and search – do you know anyone in the bank or any other bank who can provide you the most pressing information?

Example # 3:  I received an RFP on Datacenter consultant.  Promptly I take out my smartphone search for datacenter consultant and pops up the name of consultant who I had met during Gitex 2011

The mystery is you never know who will be your resource; when, where and how?   To begin with the trick is not to be selective but record every contact’s names; with contact details including email id and job reference.  You would be pleasantly surprised when, where, why and how the record could save you time and opportunity.