John Chambers – CEO of Cisco in his last keynote during CiscoLive 2015 said that 40% of the organization in this room will not exist in a meaningful way.  He also said that 75% of the organizations have a Digital strategy but only 35% of them will succeed.

New and powerful technologies are extending new opportunities to business to scale your business non-linear  hence there is a significant pressure on business to transform into Digital business.  Social Selling is the key spoke in the Digital Business that determines how, when and where you engage your customers.  But many businesses will stumble, fall and fail in their social selling journey.

Why ? Because Change is difficult and first thing required in change is the  MINDSET.  Take baby steps and begin with targeting 25% of your business from social selling in the next 6 – 12 months.

So why would your Social selling Journey fail; let’s ponder over it

  • INCOMPLETE OR NON-RELEVANT PROFILE: Your social selling journey will fail because your LinkedIn profile does not stick or have a recall value ie.
    1. Bill board: You do not have a relevant background image with message for customers. you are missing on opportunities for customer revisiting your profile when business opportunities arise or when help is needed.
    2. Title: You have title that does not sets you apart. You may be Partner Account Manager but so be it,  there are thousands of partner Account manager hence you are one among thousand. Along with title tell your audience how do you help customers reflecting your major skill set.  Remembers LinkedIn has 120 letters for Title.
    3. Summary: You can create your summary to target any of the three different positioning.  For the job, for business or building your brand image.  Craft your summary targeting your customers, speak to them. Or better still create your summary to build your brand image.
    4. Skills and Endorsement: Your skills are your sign post to be searchable. Limit skill count to 25 and delete that does not align with your business or your customer does not see value in it.  Think if you were your customers will your skills reflect value for you?  If not replace with relevant skill that do reflect value for your customer.
  • INTERNAL CONNECT: Your Social selling journey will fail If you are not connected within your organization.   The internal network gives you the visibility  to colleagues network to request for referrals,  Cross Sell and also spread your message exponential among  your company friendly  customers community
  • TOXIC CONTENT: Your Social Selling journey will fail if you are publishing content that is not aligned with customer purchasing journey. You must begin with crafting content that creates awareness followed by education; proof of how other business are using it and end with call to action.
  • NO AUTHORITY: Your Social selling journey will fail if you don’t curate and/ or create meaningful content. You will miss on opportunities to build your expert subject matter status.  Business love to engage sales who are thought leaders in their business.
  • NO LISTENING: Your social selling journey will fail if you don’t listen to your customers. Use tools to track what your customers are saying and where are they engaging.
  • TOOLS TO DESTINATION: Your social selling journey will fail if you fail to use new tools to reach, Engage and Close business.  Tools such as LinkedIn, twitters, Facebook, Hootsuite, Buffer, and others.
  • TRAINING: Your social selling journey will fail if you don’t educate your sales team on Social Selling journey. Because a Fool with a Tool is still a Fool.

Paraphrasing John Chambers words “ Your Sales force will not exist in a meaningful way if you fail to adopt Social Selling.”    And your Time begins now – research the inflection in the buyers journey and align your sales.