FunYou are known by the company you keep Aesop’s Fable.

This is the half truth, the 100% truth is you are influenced by the company you keep.  The serious company rubs the seriousness on you and the fun company leaves a fun perfume in you.  You might say how is that possible?  Well the scientific research says so and it is based on facts.

And the proof is so powerful that few companies like Scripps Network, include  “humour” as one of their core values. Southwest Airlines encourages its employees to come work with a “warrior spirit, Servants Heart and fun loving attitude.”    The belief is ingrained in the corporate world that the management encourages culture of fun, collaboration and openness.  Boston Pizza employees send one another golden banana awards for “having fun while being the best”; Intuit employee have potluck breakfast and play their own version of jeopardy.

Encouraging culture of fun pays off in retention, employee engagement and increased productivity.   Tomorrow morning when you  wake up, plan to be around people who are fun, upbeat and optimistic because work gets done when you have fun.