In 2012, the global Movies and Entertainment Market is projected to reach a value of USD 169.7 Billion wherein Bollywood contributes around 900 movies a year twice the number of  Hollywood produces in a year.  Starring in movies is a dream for aspiring stars and a work of sweat and creativity, who act, breathe and live the life of the character in the movies.

You can…..duplicate success in life through practicing and living the best principals and characteristics of life.  You want to live the life of Stars, practice the characteristics of the  Star, only contribution required from you would be discipline, time and perseverance.

And this Saturday I will share how you can live the life of your stars; I mean the “12” Zodiac stars……….  This is a simple exercise, play one of the STRONG characteristics of the stars for the next 30 days and in the next 12 months you would have lived the life of 12 Stars.  Having said that important thing is the preparation and recording all experiences you enjoy and experience.zodiac

Aries: is an Air sign and strong traits of Aries are, they are Independent ;  Assertive; Generous; Optimistic;  Enthusiastic; Courageous.  Starting day 1 and for the next 30 days decide how you will reflect independence, generosity, Optimism, Enthusiasm and courage in your everyday action in your professional, social and family life and then go ahead practice those characteristics  day after day, week after week for the next 30 days.  Live the life of the Star “Aries” for the next 30 days.  Famous Stars such as Diana Ross,  Vincent Van Gough, Elton John and Reese Witherspoon were born under this STAR sign.

Taurus: Are  Dependable; Persistent; Loyal; Patient and Generous.  Go ahead play the part of  star Taurus for the next 30 days and record your experience in your professional, social and family life.  Famous Star like Leonardo Di Vinci, Salvador Dali, George Clooney, Bono, Jack Nicholson and Cate Blanchett were born under this STAR sign.

Gemini: Are Energetic:  Clever;  Imaginative; Witty and  Adaptable. Famous stars such as Nicola Kidman, Ian Fleming, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Elizabeth Hurley were born under the STAR sign.

Cancer: Are Loyal; Dependable; Caring; Adaptable and Responsive. Famous stars such as George Michael, Dalai Lama, Robin William, Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise were born under this STAR sign.

Leo: Are Confident; Ambitious; Generous; Loyal and Encouraging. Famous Stars such as Dusty Hoffman, Madonna, Yves Saint Laurent, Whitney Houston and Arnold Schwarzenegger were born under this STAR sign.

Virgo: Are Analytical; Observant; Helpful; Reliable and Precise. Famous stars such as Cameron Diaz, Michael Jackson, Yasser Arafat and Hugh Grant  Were born under this STAR sign.

Libra: Are Diplomatic; Graceful; Peaceful; Idealistic and Hospitable. Famous Star such as Ralph Lauren, John Lennon, Will Smith, Michael Douglas were born under this STAR sign.

Scorpio: Are Loyal; Passionate; Resourceful; Observant and Dynamic. Famous Stars such as Whoopi Goldberg, Charles Bronson, Bo Derek, Boris Becker and Calvin Klein were born under STAR sign.

Sagittarius: Are Optimist; Sociable; Spiritual; Impatient; Fears responsibility; Self-indulgence some of the famous Stars such as   Samuel L Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Tina Turner and Miley Cyrus were born under this STAR sign.

Capricorn: Are Loyal; Passionate; Resourceful; Observant; Dynamic.  Famous Stars such as Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Mohd Ali and Jude Law were born under this STAR sign.

Aquarius: Are Witty; Clever; Humanitarian; Inventive and Original. Famous stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton and Simon Pegg  were born under this STAR sign.

Pisces: Are Compassionate;  Adaptable; Accepting; Devoted and Imaginative.  Famous Stars such as   Bruce Willis, Albert Einstein and Drew Barrymore were born under this STAR sign.

In the next 12 months you will see and experience immense change in you and around you provided you have closely played the characteristics of the STAR day after day, week after week for the next one month.   And in the next ‘12” months you will better understand why people behave the way they behave …….Because they are playing the part of their STAR.

Go ahead,  live the life of  “STARS”

Enjoy Reading……


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