OscarDo you realize that LinkedIn  ADVERTISE FUNCTION enables you to discover how many LinkedIn members are in United Arab Emirates or India.  How many of them carry General Manager Title or CEO title and how many of them belong to Information Technology and Services industry.  This feature can intelligently help you filter your target audience for marketing and Sales opportunities.

On the flip side if I may hazard a guess; 90% of the LinkedIn members do not leverage key LinkedIn features creating a SELFIE HANDICAP. I will share 7 HANDICAP that you must attend to.

BACKGROUND IMAGE: How many of you use background image?  I would say simply 1 out of 10 members.  This is your free real estate, use it or you are leaving money on the table.

INDUSTRY: Check your industry. Are you using the right industry? Is it Information Technology and services or Computer software or computer Hardware or Computer Networking?

ADVISE FOR CONTACTING: Have you mentioned how you would like to be contacted and why? Or you have simply left that column with email and phone number?

INTEREST: Did you include an interest  outside your professional interest?  If not; mention an interest outside your professional circle.

SKILLS: How many non-relevant skills endorsement do you have?  Such as MS Excel in a senior position profile.  Delete  non-relevant skills endorsements with surgical precision .

GROUPS VISIBILITY: How many group memberships do you maintain?  Have you taken caution to make non-relevant Groups invisible on your Profile?

YOUR PUBLIC PROFILE URL: Did you make your LinkedIn URL (located right below your photograph) meaningful (ae.linkedin.com/in/vinodkmehra –  your name)  or is it meaningless numbers?  Edit your public profile URL to include your name.

Take care of the above and LinkedIn OSCAR will be yours